WHOOSH! – Product Review

Have you ever wondered how to clean your cell phone, iPad and other devices without the use of harsh chemicals?  Did you know that your phone is 10 times dirtier than a toilet?  Just do a Google search for “tech hygiene + dirty phones.” You will be surprised at the amount of germs that exist on devices!

As a food and product blogger, my hands are constantly touching food and other things.  H and I were at a Japanese buffet recently, and I can’t tell you how many times I had to use fragrance-free wipes.  For every dish, we had to reposition the food, snap dozens of photos, then wipe our hands to eat, and repeat!  While the wipes were okay in a pinch, they don’t work well on grease and fingerprints.

Our other options were a light spray of diluted vinegar/water or eyeglass cleaners. I wasn’t sure if they would fade the design on our cases, or harm our devices.  I searched for a safe and chemical-free product for years, and was quite impressed when a manager at our local Apple store told us about WHOOSH!  Yes, Apple stores use WHOOSH! to clean their devices!

Photo courtesy of Nicholas Calderone at MacSources.

I went home and read about the products on WHOOSH’s website.  Jason Greenspan the CEO, started making non-toxic cleaners for auto-detailing and accidentally spilled some on his iPad, and noticed how clean it was.  Hence the start of WHOOSH!

I read all the reviews available on the Internet, but was still hesitant.  I had many questions, so I contacted Jason.  I found it very refreshing that Jason was so accessible and approachable, appreciated my interest, and took the time to address all my concerns.   He answered all my questions; well all but one – the chemical composition is a trade secret … lol

I tried the screen shine cleaner on my iPhone first.  I have to say, I try to keep all my devices super clean, but I wasn’t prepared for how shiny my phone looked.  It already had a high-end tempered glass screen protector on it, which provided amazing clarity, but now it was even shinier.

The screen on my iPhone looked exactly like I just took it out of the box; sleek, shiny and new.  I even tilted my iPhone at different angles and it was spotless.

I also cleaned and polished the case and cut outs.  I kept looking for some discoloration or damage to our cases, covers and screen protectors, but I found none.  Note:  it’s very important that you use the products correctly.  Do not spray WHOOSH! directly on your devices, but on the microfiber cloth that is included.

WHOOSH! Screen Shine cleaners are safe, non-toxic, ammonia and alcohol free (which is very important to us), and resists fingerprints.

The screen cleaner is available in numerous sized pump spray bottles.  I personally think the 3.4 oz. + 0.3 oz. kit and the Big Deal kit are good choices since they contain various sizes.

All of the items include a bright orange antimicrobial microfiber W! cloth.  I found the cloths to be the perfect size as well.

The 3-pack Awesome Tech Cleaning Cloths are really cute and colorful.  They are indeed super soft and I like that they are treated with antimicrobial agents.  The orange textured side is used to clean your devices, then simply flip over and polish with the designed side.

You can read all about WHOOSH! cleaners and find a retailer close to you on their website.

This review is based solely on my usage of the above product/s.  Please read the FAQ’s located under SUPPORT.

Products are courtesy of WHOOSH!  This is not a paid advertisement.


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