Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Beans – Product Review

Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Beans from Vanilla Food Company

I have been baking with Madagascar Bourbon vanilla beans for quite some time, so I’m really excited to review and share an excellent source for purchasing this product.

Vanilla beans are pods or fruits from the vanilla orchid (Vanilla planifolia)). They are pricey, yet so fragrant and a staple among home bakers and professional chefs. Vanilla bean pods are very labor-intensive to produce and are thus the second most expensive spice, the first being Saffron.

While there are many varieties of vanilla beans, Tahitian and Madagascar Bourbon are quite common. The vanilla orchids come from many countries, including Tahiti, Mexico, India and Comoro; however, the majority of them originate from the island of Madagascar.

Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Beans range from grade A to C, are long (up to 15 cm or more) and have a very rich aroma. They should be pliable, with a slightly oily surface, and not dry. Tahitian Vanilla beans are shorter and contain more water and oil. They also have fewer seeds, and the flavor can be fruity. I find they taste more floral. You can try both types and see which one you prefer.

Vanilla beans from the Vanilla Food Company are of the highest quality and a real pleasure to bake with! Try them in recipes where the flavor will really shine through, and can be seen, like this delicious recipe for Vanilla Bean Crème Brûlée!

To order and find other great products, visit Vanilla Food Company.

Product courtesy of Vanilla Food Company.  This is not a paid advertisement.


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