Archeo – Restaurant Review and Update

We had such a good experience at Archeo a few months ago that we found the time to revisit, so I could provide an update.

We arrived early; therefore, the food wasn’t quite ready. I had to check out the dessert table first.  I noticed that the portion size on most of the desserts had shrunk (massively), which is fine, but what happened to the crème brulee?  And, there was only one cake!  The individual tarts were now replaced with tarts the size of a loonie.  I was very disappointed at the limited variety of desserts.  Thank goodness the buttery and flaky croissants were still available, along with the dark chocolate cake, which was now served 50% smaller.  I have no issue with size, but I hoped the quality hadn’t taken a nose dive.

On to the food … the scrambled eggs was runny, almost to the point of being undercooked, and the cheddar cheese was missing.   The bacon was anything but crispy, just strips lying in a pool of oil.  The Eggs Benedict was okay, but the bottoms of the English muffin were a soggy mess.  The French Toast was soft.

We were in line when a small plate of sliced beef was placed down.  One look and I knew it had spent some time in a microwave.  The bowls of cold salads were so small that trying to scoop out even a tiny portion was challenging.

The omelet station was still offered (here’s a tip, tell the sous chef not to overcook your omelet)!  The smoked salmon, cheese and fresh fruit were also available, but considerable differences in the quality and variety of food were so apparent.

What’s on our plates:

The only saving grace was our waiter, who was very friendly and super efficient.  We arrived at 10:25 a.m. and left at 11:35 a.m.  It saddens me to write such an unfavorable review but unfortunately, the brunch was a huge disappointment.


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