Fat Louie’s BBQ – Review

We read about Fat Louie’s BBQ online and had it on our list of “must try places” since last year.  Don’t let the fact that it’s a food truck parked in a Rona parking lot turn you off.



We knew about the lineups, so we decided to get there before the lunch crowd, which also gave me an opportunity to chat with David, the business manager.   He was more than happy to show me around and answer any questions.

Let’s get on to the food first!


We decided to order the side rib combo and beef brisket sandwich combo.  Despite the growing line of hungry customers, we only waited about 15 minutes for our order to be ready (first in line).

We were also given samples of the pulled pork (excellent).




The brisket was everything I had expected and more.  We’ve been to many BBQ places where the brisket is chopped into minced meat (yuck).  Not here.  At Fat Louie’s, the meat is sliced, and placed on a delicious onion bun.  The sauce had a bit of a kick to it, and it wasn’t drenched to the point where the bun became soggy.  The side ribs had a nice smoke ring (hickory chips), and were tender and flavorful.

The chili cheese fries were our favorite, with a bit of heat.


(Close the lid and the cheese will melt)!!!


The rosemary fries were delicious and addictive!



We kept thinking about Fat Louie’s all week long, so we returned a second time.  We tried the triple cheeseburger slider, but our favorite is still the brisket.


I had a lot more questions and David was willing to sit and answer them all.

His uncle, Richard Bruneau is the finance partner while David runs the food truck.  I could see how passionate and hard-working David was; he’s literally there all day long on most days.  Fresh ingredients are a must and David orders the meat every morning.  He cites patience and not rushing when preparing food, as one of the keys to a successful business.  While I didn’t get any secret ingredients (I didn’t expect to), here’s what I found out:

What’s in the triple cheeseburger slider?

3 patties, onions, mustard, cheese, mayo, ketchup and seasoning salt.  The burgers are cooked well done.  David will “not” cook the burgers pink, even upon request.

What’s on the rosemary fries?

Fresh rosemary and sea salt.

What type of wood do you use in your smoker?

Hickory (last week), this week (mesquite).

How long is the meat smoked for?

8 hours

What type of bbq sauce do you serve?

Memphis style, ketchup based.  The 2 spices David would tell me were ground mustard and freshly ground black pepper.  He’ll be experimenting with different sauces in the near future (look out for a Jack Daniel’s sauce).

How did the food truck evolve?

Richard started out in Alberta several years ago.  He opened Fat Louie’s BBQ over a year ago.

When are you open?

Typically from May to November, every day except statutory holidays, from 11:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.  Check his Facebook page for more updates.

Your staff is quite friendly …

Yes, I will not tolerate anything less, no matter what.  Customers are key and we treat them all with respect.  My sister is working with me right now, along with my former university roommate.

I like the writing on your menu board!

Compliments of my lovely girlfriend.

Is there a “Fat Louie?”

Yes, my uncle’s cat, who is a fat cat.

Can I get a peak inside your kitchen?


Can I get a picture of your smoker?


This is not a paid advertisement, nor did I receive any compensation or discounts for this review.


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