Leslieville Pumps – Review


Located in Leslieville (east Toronto) is a really cute and unique 24 hour gas station, country store and kitchen. I’ve only seen places like this on TV, or during road trips!

Leslieville Pumps is run by two brothers, Judson (Jud) and Greg Flom, who are incredibly friendly and down to earth. Jud was a trained Chef at higher end establishments, but we were told his true passion is BBQ.

Along with being a gas station that sells gas at lower prices, the general store sells items you’d find at a convenience store. The décor includes retro Pepsi signs, cottagey knick knacks and even old newspaper clippings from the 1940’s and 60’s.



There is plenty of free parking and you can sit outside on one of the benches, or at tables inside the store.


The “kitchen” provides breakfast sandwiches and homemade pastries such as muffins, butter tarts and chocolate croissants. Leslieville Pumps is also well known for their Southern BBQ sandwiches. The beef brisket is smoked for 14 hours with a smoker located behind the store.

While the gas station and store are open 24 hours, the kitchen is only open from 6 a.m. to approximately 8 p.m. Jud told us they also serve an authentic curry made by a Sri Lankan staff member (Mary) after hours.


On our visit we tried the Southern Style Beef Brisket sandwich and their special of the day, “Fried Chicken Strips on a Waffle with Spicy Maple Bourbon Sauce.”


The beef brisket sandwich was huge and we easily split it. The bun was a bit too thick, but it held up quite well. The brisket was shredded and the sauce had the right balance of sweet and sour. Mustard and crispy onions were a nice added touch. Unfortunately on our visit, the brisket was a bit dry.


The Fried Chicken Strips on a Waffle were tasty, despite a soggy waffle. The sauce was sweet but not too boozy. I would ask them to serve it open next time, as I’m sure being wrapped in foil created unnecessary steam.

The fries were freshly cut. We thought a small bag wouldn’t be enough for the 2 of us, but there really are a lot of fries in the bag!


The corn fritters with smoky bacon were addictive.


The dipping sauce was so fresh, creamy and mildly spiced. I asked Jud about the recipe and was told the herbs are from their own rooftop garden. The sauce is an aioli with some other secret ingredients. The fritters were surprisingly light and fluffy. I had expected them to be dense and dry. Jud said the recipe was from his mother and he tweaked it a bit to create a fluffier version.


We would definitely like to try their poutine and pulled pork sandwich on our next visit.

If you’re in the area, this is a really interesting spot to check out!

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