Ontario Strawberries are Amazing!

June and July brings “strawberry fields forever (well not quite forever)!” Nothing beats Ontario strawberries; they’re so fresh, juicy and sweet. I wish they were available longer!

At other times, I rely on my frozen stock. Each year, I purchase several flats of strawberries at St. Lawrence Market, rinse and pat them dry before freezing to enjoy year-round.

This is the first time I purchased “jam berries.” What are they? Strawberries that have been picked more than a few days ago, and have gone very soft. They’re not very good when eaten on their own, but are still great for making jam. I picked up a flat for only $10.00 (regular flats sell for about $28.00). I use these strictly for making smoothies, compotes or other recipes.

I’ll be posting a lot of strawberry recipes, so I look forward to having you come back and visit!


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