Homemade Fish and Chips and Onion Rings

Don’t you just love fish and chips, and onion rings?  In my quest to find the best, I encountered soggy battered fish, soggy chips, too much batter and not enough fish, greasy batter, small portions and less than fresh fish, onion rings that were breaded – not battered, and all at ridiculous prices … I gave up!

As usual, I decided to make my own!  I searched for the best fish and chips recipe; not an easy feat.  Most recipes require a double frying, so I tried to avoid it.  The method  I tried involved placing the potatoes in cold oil and bringing to a boil.  I had a plan though, we would fry a small batch of potatoes and if they didn’t come out right, we would just use the oil for the regular method.  The fries were NOT crispy, despite following the instructions carefully.  Dinner was quite late …

Back to the most common method; double-frying!  First off, what does “The Best” mean?  Honestly, when I search for recipes, I don’t know what to think of “The Best,” “The World’s Best,” “Perfect,” etc.  The best according to whom?  This is why I don’t normally name my posts “The Best XYZ.”  I don’t need the backlash ….lol.  Yet, when I search for a recipe, I do Google for “the best.”  It’s a vicious cycle.

Here is the recipe I tried for homemade french fries.  They were nice and crispy, but so much work!  We also soaked the sliced potatoes overnight.

It’s important to use the right potato (Russets or Yukon Gold), oil (we used vegetable oil) and method (double-frying).  A deep fry thermometer is also a must.

Now, for the batter, I found this recipe on-line, the measurements were in ounces, but it worked. For the beer, I just used premium ale; any kind will do.

I also decided to make onion rings from the batter, but I would highly recommend a double dip.  The first batch came out nice, but I like a thicker coating.  All you need to do is flour the onion rings, dip in batter and then repeat again.

For the fish, I chose fresh cod.  I personally don’t like halibut, even though it’s the most common fish to use.  Haddock is also very good.

I was so happy with the results but, this is definitely a once in a while treat.


2 thoughts on “Homemade Fish and Chips and Onion Rings

  1. Caro says:

    Your homemade fish and chips looks amazing
    Crispy and flakey
    I have tasted many fish and chips from soggy uncooked batter and over cooked
    But yours truly beats any seafood establishment !
    Good Show


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