One Year Anniversary of My Blog


Wow, it’s been a year?  Say it isn’t so.  I created my blog in March 2012, and my first post was on April 5, 2012.


I knew absolutely nothing about blogging!  I learned everything online and through the forums.  Now, I’m a fellow blogger!  I have even dabbled with a bit of coding, which can be quite confusing!

I remember going through the newbie stage, you know the one where bloggers can stay up until 3 a.m. trying to figure out how to insert a darn gallery or multiple galleries (what the heck is a child and parent page?).  Sleep deprivation set in, but thankfully it didn’t last long!  Once I figured out what I needed to, the blog became fun, which is how it should be!

I also beat the odds; most bloggers give up within the first few months.

I hope you enjoyed the first year as much as we have.

Thank you all so much for taking the time to visit ~ and take a peek at our cravings!

~ Ruby & H


2 thoughts on “One Year Anniversary of My Blog

  1. H.S. says:

    Happy 1-Year Anniversary!!! I luv reading your blog…am your #1 fan…hehe… =) I luv eating ur scrumptious cupcakes even more! Pls continue to blog, as I thoroughly enjoy following it!! =D


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