Oasis of the Seas: Day 3 of 8 – Sea Day

Day 1 of Oasis of the Seas
Day 2 of Oasis of the Seas
After a disastrous room service breakfast the day before, we decided to eat breakfast in the main dining room. Cruisers rave about it!

There was a choice to order off the menu and/or choose from the small buffet. We ordered eggs over easy; they came with hash browns (very nice), crispy bacon, and a broiled tomato half. The buttermilk pancakes were soggy and chewy.


From the buffet we had fresh cut up fruit; a very nice selection of cantaloupe, honeydew, watermelon, strawberries and pineapple. What a treat to have freshly washed and prepared fruit every day! The white chocolate donuts were amazing, and completely different from the awful donuts we read about (and tried) at the Boardwalk Donut shop. We rarely eat donuts, but these were light, fluffy and not overly sweet.


We spent the morning exploring the ship, and taking advantage of the numerous photo ops. Oasis is a massive ship, and I believe we covered most of it, except the gym. The walking alone was sufficient exercise!

We attended a “Meet & Mingle” at 10:30 a.m. Royal Caribbean arranges these on each cruise. It’s a chance to meet other “Cruise Critic” forum members. You can go online to become a member and learn valuable tips on every cruise ship.

There was also a parade in the Royal Promenade and we scored very good spots for taking some great photos. There are 2 during each cruise and this one was the Rockin’ Rhythm Nation Parade.


Cruise Director - Richard Spacey

Cruise Director – Richard Spacey





The parade was a lot of fun … amazing!

We had such a great experience at breakfast time that we returned to the main dining room for lunch. We didn’t try the popular “Tutti Salad Bar;” I ate enough salads at home to slim down for the cruise!

Tutti Salad Bar

Tutti Salad Bar

The bread basket they offered each table had a really nice selection of mini baguettes, and other assorted breads. On this day, we had a small bowl of olive tapenade which was delicious.

Mini Baguette-Assorted Breads-Olive Spread

Mini Baguette-Assorted Breads-Olive Spread

I ordered the Calamari Salad. The calamari was tough, greasy and lacked flavor. The waiter kept asking if that was all I was going to order. I had to tell him yes, repeatedly, and, I was saving my stomach for dessert! The waiters are so caring, and can spot immediately if a guest doesn’t like their food. Without hesitation, they will ask if you would like to try something else. As I mentioned before, they really treat you like royalty.

H ordered the Pan Seared Ocean Trout Fillet. The fish was very moist, flavorful, fresh tasting, and perfectly cooked, but it was warm in temperature. He had no problems finishing it though. From the buffet, he also tried a small scoop of Beef Bourguignon on rice; the beef was very tender. The Chili Chicken was okay.

Calamari Salad

Calamari Salad

Pan Seared Ocean Trout Fillet

Pan Seared Ocean Trout Fillet

Chili Chicken & Beef Bourguignon

Chili Chicken & Beef Bourguignon

Now, for my favorite part!! The Warm Spiced Rum Cake with Coffee Ice Cream was not quite what we expected, and I mean this in a good way. It resembled a brownie in the shape of a mini muffin, and had a chocolaty rum gooey center. It was very good, and I wished I had room for one more!

The Gianduia Cake (chocolate hazelnut) was very moist and decadent, but super sweet. It would satisfy any chocolate lover though.

Warm Spiced Rum Cake with Coffee Ice Cream

Warm Spiced Rum Cake with Coffee Ice Cream

Gianduia Cake

Gianduia Cake

After lunch, we headed back to our stateroom to relax and dress for dinner. We normally changed for dinner early, since most times we had a show booked prior.

We had a reservation at 2:00 p.m. for “Hairspray.” We were excited to watch this musical, but after 15 minutes we were bored out of our minds, and left (discreetly). I can only explain it as a musical that just didn’t interest us. I couldn’t see us sitting there for 2 hours!

We decided to explore the ship.  A few hours later ….

Wow, yes, we’re still on Day 3 and its dinner time.

We started off with Scallop Risotto. One word, amazing! H commented on how creamy and flavorful the risotto was, no doubt from the addition of marscarpone cheese. The 2 scallops were perfectly seared. I was worried they would have a slight rawness in the centre, as most fine dining restaurants prepare scallops this way, and my sensitive stomach cannot tolerate it, but they were cooked throughout. We ordered another Scallop Risotto, as I hate sharing, and then I got my scallop back!

The Antipasti arrived and was nicely arranged. There was cured Italian ham, seasonal melon, grilled vegetables, marinated portabella mushrooms and baked caramelized garlic.


Scallop Risotto

Our favorite entree arrived; Lamb Shank with Rosemary. What can I say? They’re our favorite, and we were not disappointed. The lamb was fall-of-the-bone tender with a nice, slightly sticky red wine reduction demi-glace. H enjoyed it so much he had a second helping. The root vegetables were perfectly cooked, and the garlic mash was delicious.

We also shared a plate of Garlic Tiger Shrimp. The shrimps were tender, and had the right amount of garlic flavor.

Garlic Tiger Shrimp

Lamb Shank with Rosemary

For dessert, Tiramisu hit the spot. As most cruisers will tell you, the coffee on cruise ships is awful, so H enjoyed the coffee hit.

The Raspberry Panna Cotta was tart, refreshing, very light and different from the desserts we normally eat.

Yes, you are reading correctly, most nights, we shared 3 desserts! In my defence, they were quite small! And speaking of 3rd – Warm Chocolate Cake! We still had room for this one! Another RC favorite, so how could we possibly miss out.

We really liked the intense dark chocolate flavor. The cake was gooey, and the perfect ending. H was still staring at the last piece. I asked him if he wanted another one, but he declined (huh)?


Raspberry Panna Cotta

Warm Chocolate Cake

Day 4 of Oasis of the Seas

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