Folia Grill – Review

I read about Folia Grill’s amazing pitas, but was a bit hesitant when I saw their limited menu.  Don’t let that fool you.

The place is quite small, but we’ve never had a problem finding a seat.  The staff are friendly, helpful, and they do care about serving good quality food.


Their pork souvlaki and chicken gyros are absolutely delicious, or as H would say, “lip-smacking good!  The meat is “very” tender and flavorful!

Left: Pork Souvlaki Pita, Right: Chicken Gyro Pita

Left: Pork Souvlaki Pita, Right: Chicken Gyro Pita

Pork Souvlaki Pita

Pork Souvlaki Pita

Chicken Gyro Pita

Chicken Gyro Pita

One little tip I’d like to share after embarrassing myself twice.  Place a large open napkin on your lap, and with your fork, take out some of the meat before you attempt to bite into the pita.  The meat is so generously packed in with a few crispy fries that it will most definitely end up on your lap!

I asked about the spices, but I got the feeling it was a secret since I received some vague feedback.  I did detect Herbs de Provence in the pork souvlaki.  I asked if oregano was one of the spices, and was told no (hmmm).  I also detected red wine vinegar as part of the pork marinade. This means I’m going to have to experiment at home!

The thick pitas are brushed with butter, and grilled until nicely toasted.  We always ask for extra crispy pitas.  They’re very generous with the meat and tzatziki sauce!

The zucchini fries sound very interesting, but each time we’ve eaten at Folia Grill, we could barely move.

The pitas are currently $5.25 each.

It’s definitely our favorite place for pitas and souvlaki.

Be careful of the toothpick at the bottom of each pita


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