Chicago – Part 2 of 3

Chicago Part 1
Lincoln Park Zoo – The zoo is open all year round and admission is free.  We were amazed on how close up we came to all the animals.  They were all awake with the exception of the lions.  The zoo was very large and clean, and we highly recommend a visit!

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Blue Man Group – What are the chances of being picked to go on stage with the Blue Man Group, and act in a scene?  It happened to me!  The Blue men do come off the stage throughout their shows to solicit members of the audience for several of their scenes.  One poor man was suspended upside down!

H and I sat a few rows away from the stage to avoid getting wet from the paint.  One of the Blue men walked towards us, and stopped right beside H.  He looked at me, and I kept shaking my head, saying “no, no,” but before I knew it, his hand reached out to me.

I finally got up and was led on stage.  I couldn’t see a thing, even with my glasses on.  I tried to spot H, but everyone was a blur.

The Blue Men never talked to me, but I caught on quickly what they wanted me to do.  I was guided to sit at a table while they tried to outdo each other in an attempt to impress me.  I was fitted with a large and heavy blue rubber bib the moment I stepped on stage, and I had no idea why.

For the “Twinkie” scene, they expected me to eat one.  I resisted at first, but I kind of got the feeling they were waiting … so I did.  Little did I know that during the skit, fake vomit would come spewing out of a hole from my bib.  I looked down in shock and thought I was going to vomit.  It smelled like mashed bananas.  The only thing that stopped me was my fear of embarrassment.  Maybe the audience would think I was acting???

One of the Blue men scooped up the fake vomit and put it in a take-out container, complete with a handle and a bow, and proceeded to gift me with it.  I looked at it and made a disgusted face.  I truly thought I was going to be sick!!!   At that exact moment, one of the Blue Men told me to look over and “SNAP,” I was handed a Polaroid of me with one of the Blue Men.  Nice … my one and only memory.

H didn’t know how to operate my new camera and there were staff members all around, hence no video or picture.  I only had the Polaroid to remember my 15 minutes of fame!  When the show was over, several people came up and asked if I was the woman on stage, what it felt like, what the Blue Men said to me, did they talk, etc.  Wow, I felt like a celebrity …LOL

Here is a sample video of the Blue Man Group scene I was in!

H and I thought we were too old to enjoy the show.  We were shocked to be dancing and jumping up and down just as much as the kids!  The show was very interactive with great music, and you do end up having a really fun time!  It was a real memorable experience!

If you have a chance to see The Blue Man Group, go for it, you’ll have a blast!

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