The Tulip – Review

I woke up to another beautiful Sunday morning.  It was too nice to stay home and cook so H and I decided to drive downtown to the Beaches for breakfast.  We haven’t been to The Tulip for quite some time.

We both ordered the Tulip Big Breakfast (3 eggs, 2 sausages, 2 slices bacon, 2 slices peameal bacon, toast and 2 buttermilk pancakes).  Wow!

As we were getting ready to dig in H said, “This is so nice, sitting here having breakfast together, it’s so beautiful outside and the Boardwalk is just down the street, we should do this more often! ”  I looked up, it was dark inside to be honest; The Tulip is a diner.  I was having trouble focusing my darn camera.  It wasn’t as though we were having breakfast near the Lake, or down by the Boardwalk.

Ah ha!  H was happy with his breakfast, meaning, bacon, bacon and more bacon!  I even gave him some of mine.  I asked him if he was having a good morning due to the huge plate of food in front of him.  He started to laugh –  I mean really laugh!!

Our eggs were perfectly runny, the bacon was crispy, the peameal bacon was good, not too salty and the home fries were delicious.  We both could barely finish our first pancake.  I could see H “thoroughly” enjoyed his breakfast!

Tulip Big Breakfast

The only complaint I had was with the syrup; I prefer 100% pure maple syrup.  I asked our waiter what kind of syrup it was and he said it was similar to Aunt Jemima.  It left a bad aftertaste, and I gave up on eating my pancakes – ugh!

Buttermilk Pancakes

Buttermilk Pancakes

Our waiter asked if we wanted to order a piece of their homemade pie.  To be honest, I put on my glasses and took at look at the showcase.  We’ve had their pies before, and they are quite good, but on this occasion, I think a glass of Alka-Seltzer was in order!

Our purpose of driving downtown was actually two-fold.  H wanted to buy some treats for me, since our anniversary was this week.  I chose Bobbette & Belle, a short drive up the street.  Happy day for me!  H started to laugh.

Bobbette & Belle review coming soon.

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